• The word of God is everything, and everything is the word of God.
  • Every time you tell, a lie it shows that you fear man more than you fear God
  • Rain always comes down in small drops before it begins to pour down heavily. It is the same when the Lord is about to bless you. Your blessings start out small, then they grow larger.
  • Do not ever take anything for granted no matter how small it may be. Whether it be people, places or things, it is still worth something. You will miss it if you ever lose it.
  • Money owed is never too late for repayment. I have never heard anyone say you paid me too late so now I don’t want it at all.
  • Do not let your emotions get the best of you.
  • The Lord can get on your level, but to get a mighty breakthrough you have to get on his level and his level has no limits.
  • There is nothing like working for yourself and getting paid for it. It is wonderful when you are able to help someone and in return they pay you.
  • Whatever you are holding on to you will lose. Do not hold on to anything. Instead, set it free. It could be your money, house, job or car. Even your child. Anything you try too hard to hold on to, the Lord will take away because you have made that thing your god. You should put nothing before the Lord. A lot of people even try to glorify themselves, taking credit and saying they made things happen; that’s not true. You cannot keep anything with you forever. You will leave it all behind and someone else will take your place. So just hold on to Jesus.
  • Sacrifices have to be made in order to make progress in anything you are doing in life.
  • Why are you worrying about a man or a woman that is not yours? Why are you letting someone that is not your husband or wife stress you so much? Do you know why it is not working out? It’s because whomever you are involved with does not belong to you and is not for you. If you had a future with that person and they were meant to be with you, everything would be coming together. What you need to do is make Jesus your first love and everything else will fall into place.
  • When the sun comes up it shines on everyone’s face. The question is whether or not you want to protect yourself with sunscreen and sunglasses or just enjoy the warmth and the light.

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